Interior design, photography and artwork – it all starts with understanding context, needs and dreams!  MY.NORDIC combines visual understanding with creative direction to help you to be happy at home.

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My mission is to give you, your family, your guests, your colleagues and your customers an energy-filled breath and inspiration on the wall, living space or your website. A piece of Scandinavian minimalist and harmony filled with mindfullness, energy and spaciousness. A tribute to the Nordic minimalist design that adds positive, balanced and peaceful emotions to everyday life.

piritta sillanpää my nordic interior design

My Nordic Studio was established in 2019, by Piritta Sillanpää.  She is working in the fields of interior design, photography and art with a passion for Scandinavian design.  She is also a self-taught artist with a passion to create meaningful art, designed to make you feel inspired and grateful.

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