Unique or custom. Always handmade. With a strict attention to detail and an experimenting mindset towards combinations of materials. Simple yet refined.  Paintings can be custom-made and combined with multiple works, style diptych or alone. You can purchase my paintings in small online shop here in Germany: nordic-butik.com

[interective_banner effects=”effect-apollo” url=”” title=”LET THERE BE LIGHT” titlesize=”12px” desc=”140 x 100 cm” descsize=”12px” clr=”#30291a” image_id=”778″ bgclr=”#fcfcfc”]

[interective_banner effects=”effect-apollo” title=”SOON MY LOVE (SOLD)” titlesize=”12px” desc=”100 x 70 cm” descsize=”12px” clr=”#30291a” image_id=”761″ bgclr=”#fcfcfc”]

[interective_banner effects=”effect-apollo” url=”” title=”DARING” titlesize=”12px” desc=”30 X 40 cm” descsize=”12px” clr=”#30291a” image_id=”760″ bgclr=”#fcfcfc”]

[interective_banner effects=”effect-apollo” title=”Calm Nr.2 (SOLD)” titlesize=”12px” desc=”30 x 24 cm” descsize=”12px” clr=”#ffffff” image_id=”1092″ bgclr=”#fcfcfc”]

[interective_banner effects=”effect-apollo” title=”calm nr.1 (SOLD)” titlesize=”12px” desc=”20 x 15cm” descsize=”12px” clr=”#ffffff” image_id=”1093″ bgclr=”#fcfcfc”]

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[interective_banner effects=”effect-apollo” title=”KULO (Sold)” titlesize=”12px” desc=”70 x 50 cm” descsize=”12px” clr=”#30291a” image_id=”771″ bgclr=”#fcfcfc”]

[interective_banner effects=”effect-apollo” title=”JÄLKI (SOLD)” titlesize=”12px” desc=”30 x 40 cm” descsize=”12px” clr=”#30291a” image_id=”793″ bgclr=”#fcfcfc” height=”594×864″]

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