Finally summer! As nice as the warm weather is, the nights are often not very restful. Then heat and tropical air plague us in our bedrooms, making us toss and turn for hours and not sleep well. But what is the reason for this? According to scientists, every third person sleeps worse than usual in the summer. If the temperature stays above 25 degrees, our sleep is affected.

But what helps if you can’t sleep during the summer heat? Below I’ve put together a few tips on how you can benefit from better sleep in the summer.

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The right textiles

With the right textiles and coverings you can lower your body temperature as well as the heat in the room. Go for breathable sleepwear. Pyjamas made of light cotton, linen or silk are ideal for this. Avoid tight-fitting garments and polyester. Bed textiles like air-permeable summer blankets can minimize heat retention. For bedding, I equally recommend using natural fibers. More ideas about natural material and their benefits, check my blogpost “benefits of natural textiles”.

Another tip from Ingo Fietze, head of the sleep medicine center at Charité Berlin: “Since the greatest heat generation takes place on the surface of the mattress, you should spend more money and invest in a high-quality mattress. This conducts heat and moisture better than a cheap mattress.” Cooling mattress toppers like by Yumeko and cooling pillows also lower the temperature, the same as ventilation and air conditioners or fans.

Plenty of daylight

The many hours of daylight in summer also affects our sleep. Use thick, opaque curtains or blinds for as much darkness in the bedroom as possible. Thermal and metal blinds additionally reflect the sunrays and keep the heat out. Light sources are also important: in the evening, light bulbs should be indirectly oriented and contain warm white, or reddish, light.

If you should be up early: Use the time productively and adjust your daily rhythm to the daylight! Do some stretching exercises, go for a morning run or read a few pages in your new book. Especially for parents, these early hours can be soothing and effective when the kids are still asleep. Enjoy extended walks in daylight. These will also improve your sleep.

Fresh air in the bedroom

Vent early in the morning and late in the evening. This way, heat does not accumulate in your bedroom. Sleeping with open windows or using a fan can also be very pleasant. But make sure that it does not get too cold and there is no draught. For people allergic to pollen, who like to sleep with the window open or ventilate a lot, it is useful to install a pollen grid on your window. So the disturbing pollen remain outside and you can sleep comfortably.

Plants in your bedroom

Get plants to your home! They not only improve the indoor climate by filtering toxins from the air and producing oxygen, they are also important helpers in the summer. Because during the process of air purification, simultaneously the temperature of the air is lowered. My plant tips for your living room are peace lily, green lily, ivy arum and snake plant. They are good for the indoor climate and grow well, especially if you are a plant novice. If you have very sunny places like southern windows in bedroom etc., aloe vera, palm lily and succulents are particularly suitable. At “Mein schöner Garten” you can find more tips for plants that tolerate a lot of sun.

sleep snake plant fresh air in bedroom My Nordic Studio Journal
sleep Aloe Vera plants and fresh air in bedroom My Nordic Studio Journal

Calm down before bedtime

So ban cell phones, e-mails and laptops from your bedroom! Because all this not only keeps disturbing thoughts, such as work or important to-do’s, circling in your head, the blue light also helps you to get awake again.

Sleep rituals also help to calm down! Relaxing activities like listening to quiet music or reading a few pages of a book just before bed signal your body that it’s time to sleep soon. When it is light for so long, often this leads us to go to bed too late and very irregularly. As a result, our internal clock gets messed up and sleep problems are inevitable. So here’s a tip: set a clear bedtime and stick to it!

Do you need inspiration and tips for your ideal bedroom interior and preferably in Scandinavian style? Then check out my Pinterest board “Nordic Bedrooms”!

With the help of these simple tips, it will be a little easier for you to fall asleep and keep sleeping through the night. Have a nice and exciting summer and sleep well!

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