"We've become so focused how the interior look, that we've grown blind to if they work."

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"Prevention is better than cure”. But have you ever thought about how that can be applied to our homes as well?

What we put into the spaces we live, work or play in has a direct effect on our body, mind and spirit. So rather than concentrating on curating one that simply shows the version of ourself we want the world to see, we need to think about how we can make sure our home nurtures us. A sanctuary with a feeling of comfort. A connection to natural materials with an expression that last over time. More mindful space.

" A harmonious interior is where functionality and feelings break even. It’s not about either/or. "

There are many facets of considered living, from questioning the brands and manufactures we´re buying from, to re-examining the very fibers of our homes themselves. I can help you to design your home with more sustainability and Nordic harmony in mind. Mindfully more natural materials, non-toxic furniture and harmonious colour scheme, beneficial both for the environment and to you, particularly when choices will influence for example the air quality of your home. You can read more how to increase your home well-being in my journal.


My latest interior renovations


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Room layout, furniture, tiles, faucets/ shower set


Cabin doors, splashbacks, lightning


Wallcolor, lightning, furniture, styling


To create harmonious places with a feeling of comfort & balanced living, I always stay true to the soft minimalistic theme working with natural materials and timeless pieces.

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