"We've become so focused how the interior look, that  we've grown blind to if they work."

Our homes impact on our mental wellbeing. We’ve all heard the saying ”prevention is better than cure”. But have you ever thought about how that can be applied to our homes as well?

It’s very important to live in spaces that support us in a functional and visually appealing way, however they should also support our wellbeing and the connection with our friends and family, our creativity, our balance and harmony. While it´s common to consider the set-up of the home in relation to our physical needs, how it can support our mental health is less discussed. The home is often seen as an extension of our personality, such as fashion and the clothes we wear. So rather than concentrating on curating one that simply shows the version of yourself you want the world to see, think about how you can make sure it nurtures you.

What you put into the spaces you live, work or play in has a direct effect on the human body, mind and spirit. It stands to reason that if we are to create a mindful home, we must be mindful of the cost of what we place in it – yes, financially, but also environmentally, ethically, sustainably and consciously. Incorporating natural materials, textures and patterns can have huge benefits to the health and well-being of the many spaces we live and work in.  If we overlook all of these elements and simply purchase on a whim or when we´re on autopilot, we do both ourselves and the planet a disservice, an no one wants that weighing on their conscience.

"A harmonious interior is where functionality and feelings break even. It’s not about either/or."

Piritta Sillanpää Cooee Design My Nordic

In all my renovations will be carried out with the sustainability thought. The alternative products are discussed and what purpose they have to ecological and construction benefits, like non-toxic furniture and natural materials. Bringing more mindful thought and action to both layout and the construction will be beneficial for the environment and mostly your own peace of mind, particularly when choices will influence for example the air quality of your home. You can read more how to increase your home well-being by avoiding toxic furniture in my journal.

Learning what to look for in order to be more responsible can seem daunting, but it´s as much about shift in mindset as it is swotting up on recycling policies and sustainability initiatives. There are many facets of considered living, from questioning the brands and manufactures we´re buying from, to re-examining the very fibers of our homes themselves, as well as taking into account what we can ethically and responsibly do with our possessions when they are no longer required. Just bringing some mindful awareness to things you´d otherwise buy automatically and thinking about whether there´s anything you could do differently for the greater good, is a great way to start.


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To create harmonious places with a feeling of comfort & balanced living, I always stay true to the soft minimalistic theme working with natural materials and timeless pieces.

"Choose furniture like you choose your food. The less toxins, the better."

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