Nordic Midsummer: a magical spectacle that seduces Scandinavians to spend these special “White Nights” preferably outside. Because in the period around June 21, when summer solstice occurs, the sun does not set at all. It shines white until deep into the night, touching the horizon for a brief moment before rising again. After Christmas, Midsummer is the most important event in the calendar of a Swede, Finn or Dane. Here are a few tips for the perfect Scandinavian Midsummer party:

1. The color white plays the leading role

Nothing goes better with a midsummer evening than a festively set table. The cue for this is white, because Scandinavians prefer to immerse their tables in the fresh hue, from the tablecloth to the tableware. Accents in pastel shades like mint or rosé in between make the look more youthful. Swedish appetizers like mini blini with pickled herring and caviar are presented on etagères and under bell jars. Drinks are poured into sleek glass bottles with lever tops or pitchers. It becomes even more inviting with garlands made of paper or small pom poms in the trees. Tea lights in plain jars or lanterns light up the table or guide the way as a little path for friends arriving later!

midsummer white table decoration My Nordic Studio Journal
midsummer fresh wildflowers beautiful bouquet My Nordic Studio Journal

2. Wild flowers add a splash of color

Very important for a midsummer celebration: flowers! Especially freshly picked bouquets with different types of flowers in vases are essential. Currently, a selection of summer flowers such as white roses, dahlias and hydrangeas in several shades of white is noble for this event. Those who like it more natural can distribute daisies, bellflowers and red poppies in small vases. This way you will have a colorful blooming meadow on your table.

However, the most important decoration at midsummer is the self-tied flower wreath as hair decoration, for which there are increasingly more instructions. Flower wreaths can also decorate the backs of chairs. And dried, they are still afterwards a beautiful memory of a special night. The Scandinavians adore freshly picked meadow flowers in their hair as well as white hippie dresses: that's the "dress code" of every midsummer party.

3. Traditional midsummer menu: new potatoes with herring and chive curd

Scandinavians traditionally eat the first new potatoes at Midsummer, preferably with herring and fresh chive curd. But you can also vary, because new potatoes also make a good salad. For this, cut 1 kilo of cooked potatoes and two garden cucumbers into small pieces, season with herbs such as dill and parsley and add a mayonnaise-white wine dressing or vegetable broth. Serve with crispbread and cheese. Voilá... your Nordic midsummer menu is done!

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4. Fresh mint lemonade for balmy summer nights

Easy to prepare by yourself and very refreshing: a mint lemonade with lime. A mix of mint, some mint syrup, crushed ice, mineral water, lemonade and fresh lime juice.