Julsånger - Nordic christmas songs

It’s Christmas time! To get you in the mood for the coming Advent season, I have collected for you the most beautiful Christmas songs from Scandinavia. In my new Julsånger playlist you will find popular Christmas songs and classical melodies in Swedish, Finnish and Danish. Just perfect for relaxing evenings in December, decorating the Christmas tree or baking cookies and gingerbread. Because Christmas only goes with music!

Christmas songs Julsånger playlist music for cozy evenings in December Christmas carols My Nordic Studio Journal

You want even more Christmas flair? Then check out my December playlist from last year. There you can find many more beautiful Scandinavian Christmas carols.

You can also find more inspiration as well as decoration ideas all around the topic of Christmas on our Pinterest board “Scandinavian Christmas”.

So enjoy the cozy pre-christmas time with your loved ones and have fun while listening to my playlist. I wish you a Merry Christmas!

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