To find long-term happiness, our mindset really matters. Focusing on the good makes us happier, more successful and inspires us to go through life more positively. Positive thinking is often illustrated by the famous “half-full glass”. It is about recognizing the positive rather than the negative aspects in a situation, believing in yourself and being confident.

Benefits of positive thinking

Positive thinking has many advantages. For example, optimistic people are more satisfied, have greater stamina and suffer less from stress. Positive thinking is also healthy. People who have a positive attitude and believe in their recovery have a much better chance of overcoming even serious illnesses. Furthermore, it has been found that sensory organs like eyes, ears and skin of positively minded people operate more effectively. So negative thinking really leads us to “close our eyes”.

Moreover the kind of positive thinking strengthens our self-confidence and gives us an open mind for new things. We broaden our horizons and try out new hobbies and lifestyles, for example, and become more confident in tackling complex projects.

So, positive thoughts are very important for our mental well-being. Believe me, everyone can learn to think in a positive way. I gathered you 5 easy tips how to bring more positivity into your everyday life and achieve a more positive mindset.

1. Focus on what you can change

Many people waste vast amounts of energy and thoughts on things they cannot change. Focusing on such circumstances automatically leads to negative thoughts and inner blockages. Instead concentrate on the things and situations that you can change and control. This will help you get to positive thoughts much faster.

Appropriate to this way of thinking is the quote from the American theologian and philosopher Reinhold Niebuhr. His Serenity Prayer is familiar to many today and has been disseminated in particular by American self-help groups such as “Alcoholics Anonymous / AA”. But this idea can also be applied to many other situations in life, for example, incidents at work or negative experiences in family or love.

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,the courage to change the things I can,and the wisdom to know the difference."

— Reinhold Niebuhr, US-American theologian & philosopher

2. Be grateful

positive thinking gratitude diary be more grateful positivity in life My Nordic Studio Journal

In life, not everything always has to run smoothly, but there are certainly many things for which you can be grateful. Be aware of exactly these privileges and focus more on the things that are already present in your life, like the things below in the list of businessman and author Lewis Howes.

positive thinking gratitude diary be more grateful doing well positivity in life My Nordic Studio Journal
More inspiration for gratitude @Lewis Howes

Gratitude leads to a more positive attitude and increases the quality of life in the long term. To achieve a grateful mindset, you can start a gratitude diary like I do. Simply write down every evening 3-5 things for which you are grateful. These can be achievements or beautiful moments, but also simple things like a delicious dinner or a great new song you discovered. Writing it down will help you think more positively, and it only takes few minutes a day. As time goes by, you will notice more and more positive aspects in your life!

3. Positive relationships - avoid toxic people

Whether we tend to think positively or negatively in life also depends on the people who surround us. Because not only we have influence on our thoughts and our attitude, our environment also shapes us significantly! So pay attention to who you are surrounded by! Try to avoid moaner and toxic people in your life, because their negativism only exhausts and pulls you down. In contrast, seek out positive, cheerful people consciously and spend time with them. Because their attitude and good mood is literally catching and will inspire you to go through your life in a more positive way.

4. More positivity by changing your posture

The easiest way to change your attitude and think more positively is to change your posture. Because it’s not just your thoughts and feelings that affect your behavior. How you move and carry yourself also influences what you think and how you feel. This interaction between body and mind is especially important in psychology and psychotherapy.

positive thinking power posing more positivity My Nordic Studio Journal

Power posing

There are countless studies and exercises that show the connection between behavior, thoughts and feelings. My personal tip for more positivity in everyday life is the Superman pose. I once saw this in a series and then I tried it. Through this pose you can really change your body language and your feelings to more positive and optimistic. Especially in situations where you doubt yourself or are stressed, this pose can help you.

Try it now: Stand wide-legged and upright for a few minutes, put your hands on your hips and stretch your head towards the sky. Do you notice anything? You immediately breath better, feel more stronger and confident. These feelings also affect your attitude. Your thoughts get a positive direction and you think you can do anything and take any hurdle. There are also other such “power poses”. Just google. You will find lots more on the internet. So feel free to test them out in your daily routine!

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Your smile

Let the world see your smile! Because smiling, just like laughing, makes you happy. According to scientific studies, a positive facial expression releases happiness hormones such as serotonin and dopamine in the brain through the movement of the facial muscles. These make you feel more optimistic and increase your sense of well-being. At the same time, blood pressure is lowered and the release of the stress hormone adrenaline is suppressed.

Smiling also has an effect on your environment. You seem more open, more sympathetic and therefore more positive. Give others frequently a smile and you will not only feel more positive, but also get trust and sympathy from your fellow men. Smiling is also contagious. So you can spread good cheer around you too!

5. Treat yourself

Give yourself a treat and do things that make you feel good! This way, you will not only have more fun, but also boost your positive thinking. Ideally you integrate these things into your everyday life as often as possible. This can be a good book, delicious cooking with friends or a run in the park. Just listen to your inner voice about what is good for you.

Personally, small meditations also help me to reduce stress and get a more positive mindset. My tip is Mady Morrison’s guided meditations and yoga exercises, such as this 10-minute mediation for beginners.

But interior design can also improve your well-being and mindset. A beautifully decorated home quickly becomes your sanctuary and can positively influence both your attitude and mood. For example, if you consciously choose furniture and home accessories when you buy them, you will forever associate them with pleasant memories and anecdotes. In this way, you build a connection to your home and the furnishings and feel more comfortable and positive.

For tips on how to further enhance your well-being at home through interior design, check out our blog posts “What is silent noise?” and “What is Holistic Interior Design?”.

You can also find more inspiration and tips for a positive mindset on my Pinterest board “Mindfulness & Inspiration”.

I hope you can integrate these 5 simple tips for more positivity into your daily life and appreciate the positive mindset as well as its benefits. So keep thinking positive!

Kind regards,

My Nordic Studio Blog by Laura