Piritta Sillanpää Photography Interior Design

I established My Nordic Studio in 2019 and I´m working in the fields of interior design, photography and art with a passion for Scandinavian design. 

As a Interior Designer I believe that a well designed project is the best form of sustainability and that outstanding results are created together with clients who share my passion for quality and beauty. The design process – custom artwork, interior design or photography,  is based on client values into an all-encompassing experience.   

As a self-taught artist based in Leipzig, my passion is to create meaningful art, designed to make you feel calm and grateful. My art is quiet, simple and unpretentious. My minimalistic landscapes implies a stillness and feeling of contentment.  Hints of a deeper meaning hidden beneath the surface so the viewer can explore his/her own thoughts and emotions. Inspiration is drawn from nature and growing up in Finnland. I am mainly inspired by the surrounding nature, the sky, and the ocean. The rawness, solitude and stillness of this country can be felt throughout my work.

Abstract art nordic Piritta Sillanpää