I, coming from Nordic country, was raised surrounded by design and a general understanding about form and interior style. After a several years in the interior design sourcing, photographing and buying field in Leipzig, I decided to start my own Studio.

My Nordic was founded in 2019 with a desire to start a holistic studio that captures my passion for aesthetic design, photography and details within accessories and interior. The Studio My Nordic product portfolio thus consists of a number of our own produced products together with hand-picked and carefully selected products from brands we have fallen in love with.

I create interiors for both public spaces and private homes. The studio works in the fields of commercial interiors such as hospitality and workplace design, private residences, product design and editorial collaborations for commercial and private clients here in Germany and around the world. We think about the choices we make and are passionate about constantly considering and improving our environmental footprint.

Through photography I can combine my love for interior and aesthetic design as a visual storyteller. I prefer to capture simplicity & convey emotion.

As a self-taught artist, my passion is to create meaningful art, designed to make you feel calm and grateful. My art is quiet, simple and unpretentious. My minimalistic landscapes implies a stillness and feeling of contentment.  Hints of a deeper meaning hidden beneath the surface so the viewer can explore his/her own thoughts and emotions. Inspiration is drawn from nature and growing up in Finland. The rawness, solitude and stillness of my home country can be felt throughout my work.

Abstract art nordic Piritta Sillanpää
piritta sillanpää my nordic interior design