Stylish, classic and timeless. This is the dream of many decorators. But is timeless design actually more than an expensive interior? How do you recognize consistent, stylish and timeless design? And why is it so typical Scandinavian?

With the right care, good design brings joy for many years and can be passed down from generation to generation. Humanity, nature, functionality and clear lines remain attractive year after year. Every timeless design also contains that certain something that awakens people’s love and that they devote the necessary care to it. Functional and timeless products are often innovative pioneers of their time. The decisions made during planning and product development play an important role in the final use, impact on the environment and service life. Therefore, a carefully developed, timeless, high-quality and practical design is always a conscious choice. I have selected a few tips from an article by interior designer Laura Räihä on how to recognize timeless design.

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1. Practical, but not boring
Timeless design is designed for long life. It is high quality without being too thick and practical without being boring. It proves a calm self-confidence. Timelessness begins above all with usability, whereby less is more. But that doesn’t mean that everything has to look the same in a timeless interior. In the Nordic countries, a timeless design appears much more minimalist than, for example, in Central Europe. However, personality and an interesting layering arise somewhere between the different views. The individual history of the furniture and the residents can be seen, otherwise the furnishings quickly look like a cold office.

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2. Look into the past
Design captures the spirit of the times and the feelings in people’s lives. Design always has a strong reference to space and time, so that “timeless” design is rather a design that survives the times. We communicate our values through all our property and the services and things we use. And so the story also shows the preferences chosen in each case.

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3. Choose influences from the nature
Organic forms are particularly popular in Scandinavian homes, as they are always seen in connection with nature. Natural colour worlds with all nuances give a harmonious feeling. Earthy colours survive the time better than bright colours. Real materials, especially wood and stone, are suitable for surfaces, because they start to patina over time. Design is known for giving aesthetics to everyday life. For metal, timeless variants in steel and chrome come along. Linen, cotton and wool are the textiles of choice and, in addition to leather and jute, are real classics.

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4. Avoid trends, praise the simplicity
Black and white or the whole white home, copper details, plywood and old-looking objects have been in fashion in Scandinavia for a very long time. But if you’re looking for a timeless design and don’t want to furnish yourself every few years, then stay away from trends. As in fashion, a tasteful and timeless style is created by selecting some classics and particularly high-quality furnishings, which can be adapted to the respective trend with a few simple moves over the years. For example with pillows, blankets, pictures and other small tricks or home accessories. In general, the Scandinavian style of furnishing is all about cosiness.

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“Achieving simplicity in a home is less about relinquishing and more about refining.”- Kinfolk

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More tips and inspiration for timeless design in Scandinavian living style can be found in my blog post about Norwegian design. Scandinavians appreciate and love their own designers, and can look forward to a high density of design icons. In almost every Nordic house there is at least one classic, because the Scandinavian people know: The investment in timeless design is worthwhile!

Are you also a fan of Scandinavian lifestyle and timeless design? What do you like most about it?