Aesthetic pictures and other artworks on the walls not only beautify your home. They contribute an important part to your comfort and peace of mind. The home is an important place of retreat and for this, art and pictures are essential! If you now have a new piece of art and want to hang it up, it needs a perfect frame. But with the huge variety, you feel quickly overwhelmed and do not know what is important in the selection and purchase or what you should consider.

In the following I have a guide with 5 steps to help you find the perfect frame for your new artwork or wall design!

1. Find the right location

Before you start looking for a suitable frame for the artwork, there are 3 things to keep in mind first.

Choose the right environment

First of all, think about where you want to put your picture. Choose a wall with enough free space. To get a good idea of the space you need, you can use furniture such as sofas or beds and door frames as reference points. Once you have found the perfect place, now think of the wall type. Because depending on the background, the picture will end up being applied differently. Regarding the background, a neutral wall color is ideal. This gives you the most freedom for the theme of your new artwork.

Direct sunlight

Keep your picture away from places with direct sunlight, especially if it has high material or emotional value. If that doesn't work, you can also use glass with UV protection for your frame. This protects against yellowing. However, be aware that the wood of the frame can also darken with constant sunlight.

Avoid moisture

Do not place your picture in the bathroom or kitchen! In both areas there is frequently a high level of moisture in the air, which can damage the painting as well as the frame.

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2. Frame size

For the frame, you need to measure the outer edges (height and width). With these measurements, you can now determine if it is a standard size. At Arsvendo you’ ll find a good overview of all conventional sizes. If your artwork does not fit any standard size, you can order a custom-made frame, by boesner. Custom-made frames are a bit more expensive, but they are individually adapted and produced according to your needs.

If you don’t want a custom-made piece, you can also use a passe-partout. This is a cheaper alternative and avoids the need to make a custom frame. You simply take a larger standard size for your frame and cover the empty space with the passe-partout. This way you have a matching frame and your picture becomes an eye-catcher at the same time!

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3. Different types of frames

It’s important to keep in mind that the frame has to support the effect of the picture and so it should not get too much attention. Ideally, picture and frame form a harmonious unit. Therefore, if in doubt, always choose a simple frame and subtle tones like black, white oder wooden colors. In small rooms with white walls, white frames do particularly well, as everything blends together, making the room look larger. For colored frames like red, rosy or blue, thin strips are recommended, as they do not distract too much from the image subject. By mixing different shades and metallic accents like gold or silver, your wall design won’t be boring and will get more attention.

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Photography @Lauk Rahmen

Interchangeable frame

Picture frames with an easily removable back. This makes it easier to exchange designs. It is available in many standard formats and designs.

Shadow gap frame

These frames are especially good for canvases. It has an L-shape and no own back plate. The back of the frame is screwed to the stretcher of the picture. There is a gap between the canvas and the frame, so you can still see the side margins of the picture.

Frameless picture holder

This frame is fixed by small metal clips. It is important to grind down the edges of the glass!

Spacing frame

Frame with greater depth of performance. There is a gap between the glass and the back of the frame, like a showcase.

Magnetic frame

All individual parts are held together by magnets. This makes the exchange of pictures very easy.

You can get the shadow gap frame and some other frame types for example here at Lauk Rahmen, a German company.

4. Material

Wood or metal – everything is possible! Classic wooden frames always look good, especially for nature photos or pictures in natural colors. When choosing the type of wood, be guided by your furnishings so that the color of the wood matches visually and creates a harmonious image. If you already use a lot of wood in your room, a metal or aluminum frame is usually the better solution! This creates a nice contrast to the warm wood ambience and the artwork looks classy and modern. In addition, aluminum frames are very neutral and fit many designs.

5. The right glass

Not only the frame type, the material and the color are freely selectable. There are also countless variants of the glass used for this purpose with different functions. Normal glass is ideal for small to medium-sized pictures in rooms without a strong light source. It is affordable and is mainly used for inexpensive decorative purposes. For large frames I recommend the light and shatterproof acrylic glass. However, one disadvantage is its high scratch sensitivity.

For both the normal and the acrylic glass there are anti-reflective variants. This glass with a matte surface is particularly suitable when the light sources in the room shine directly on the artwork or there is an opposite window. In such cases, the glass with UV protection is also worthwhile.

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Photography @MOEBE

More inspiration for great frames and beautiful posters you will find at Desenio. In this store you have a huge selection of designs with many different themes. In addition, a large number of wooden and metal frames are offered.

For more unusual wooden frames, you can take a look at moebe. The Danish company produces batten frames with both front and back made of glass.

I hope these 5 steps will help you to plan your wall design in the best way and find the perfect frames for your home. I am sure that your new artwork on the wall will become a beautiful eye-catcher!

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