There is no better designer than mother nature and wood elements especially engage our senses to the highest degree. Natural and sustainable wood specified in interiors aids in creating spaces that go way beyond aesthetics. The crackling of burning wood within a fireplace, the smell after a lit match, the textural feeling of a wooden handle, the creak of your wooden floor as you walk on it, or the cosy wooden framed chair that you sit in by the window and look out at the world from. All of these interactions with wood instantly transport us to a place where we feel at ease and connected with nature. Homes or any interior designs with wood specified through furniture or finishes instantly make us feel grounded within a space. Wood’s natural and warm qualities especially felt under a barefoot bring us closer to nature.

interior design and wood

Wood has been used for many years in the construction of houses and other buildings. In the Norwegian city of Kirkjubøargarður, for example, there is a wooden house from the 12th century that is still inhabited, proving just how durable wood can be. Interior designs with wood specified have a timeless quality about them. I’m sure you can agree that if a wooden object has history, it becomes even more interesting as we understand the real value and story that unique objects hold. Nowadays, an old lamp, table or chair is considered stylish and highly supports the notion of a more grounded and slower paced lifestyle.

wellbeing and wood

Like I mentioned earlier, running your fingers across a natural wooden table or wrapping them around a warm ceramic cup is a distinctly different feeling from being in contact with something that’s man made like steel, glass or plastic. Even wooden children’s’ toys have become popular again after years of mass-produced plastic toys.  We have evolved from nature and so we innately respond to it positively when in contact with it.

As you may have figured out by now, our approach to interior design is not just about how things look, it is just as much about how things feel. An interesting study from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences has documented that nature or elements of nature in both outdoor and indoor settings can be beneficial for human health and well-being.

sustaiable wood interior design
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sustainable wood

Sustainability also plays a big role in being driven towards using an organic material like wood as it is a renewable material that can be regrown naturally through replanting.  Its thermal, acoustic, electrical, mechanical, aesthetic, working, etc. properties are very suitable to use it to build a comfortable house using only wooden products. With other materials, it is almost impossible. The locally available building material is easy to process, very powerful and extremely simple to combine with other materials. These are just perfect qualities for a pleasant and healthy interior climate.

Our approach to interior design with wood generate a pleasant and healthy atmosphere that feels better physically and also aesthetically.  When a material can make you thrive on the inside, it will have a positive effect on your overall well-being. Wood is and always has been a gorgeous, natural and durable material. Take, for example, wood that bears the FSC logo, which guarantees that it has been sourced in responsibly managed forests and/or contributes towards the responsible management of woodland. Therefore it should always be considered as a basic element for any interior to bring harmony and balance.

How you use wood in a variety of ways in your interior:

/ floors /

Wood in an interior often means parquet flooring. A parquet floor provides a hint of luxury and extra warmth in your home. Oak planks which have been treated with a varnish or oil are usually used for parquet. The planks come in various thicknesses, lengths and widths. There are also special shapes available, such as a herringbone pattern which in very loved in Scandinavian design.

/ ceilings /

In older houses, you can often find very heavy wooden ceiling. But with modern twist, it is beginning to be very loved in modern houses too. There are nowdays a lot of different solutions for modern styling enthusiasts, such as the wooden ceiling cladding in the photo below:

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Photocredit @Trendir
wood sustainable home paneling wooden hallway wood at home My Nordic Studio Journal
Photography @Erik Lefvander

/ panelling /

Yes, it is back again. It was many years absolute no-go and for many people, panelling still sounds a little old fashioned. But this wooden wall covering can still be beautiful today. Panelling is especially with modern twist stunning within city interiors and bring more elegant atmosphere.

/ separating wall /

This allows you to create your own, special room while maintaining contact between both areas. You can use vertical planks with few centimeters spacing. I have used this method for some of my clients to separate the home-office from other living room space.  I can totally testify to its success!

/ doors & stairs /

An internal door is usually made of wood, unless you’re using glass. Some builders choose to finish internal doors with a layer of paint, while others let the stunning wooden structure shine through. This also applies to stairs. A wooden stairway is very beautiful and low-maintenance. And with a lick of paint, your old stairway can be given a complete makeover.

wood stairs wooden stairs at home sustainable home My Nordic Studio Journal
Photography @Catrine Svellingen

/ lighting /

For really hard-core wood enthusiasts there are all types of wooden light fittings which sometimes also incorporate other materials.  They are a nice alternative to the more classic materials such as metal and plastics.

/ decoration /

Wooden bowls, hat stands, tealight holders, photo frames…you name it. There are perhaps millions, of wooden decorative objects to choose from.  For the DIY enthusiasts, there are also various projects for making wooden accessories. Just open your Pinterest, look for some DIY wood and you´ll find surely many interesting projects!

/ furniture/

Take a look at the dining room table, occasional table, chairs, wardrobes, sideboards, drinks cabinets, etc. in your own home. There is a good chance that they will be made of wood. Especially in Scandinavian design, lots of furniture are made of wood. In keeping with the light and bright aesthetic of Nordic design, light woods such as beech, ash, and pine are typically used most.

Photography @Denys Striyeshyn

Try out some of my suggestions and make your home a little healthier, more sustainable and most importantly, cozier. If you want to learn more about the benefits of other natural materials besides wood, check out my Blogpost about natural materials in interior, their impact on our health and textiles you should absolutely avoid.

Yours sincerily,

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